some things won't sleep, short film, still

Alexis Milligan as Anika


is a short film from writer-director Leah Johnston and producer Andre Pettigrew. It was funded through the National Screen Institute Drama Prize program and premiered at Montreal World Film Festival in 2014. It has gone on to screen at over a dozen festivals across North America, picking up awards for Best Horror (Silver Wave Film Festival), Best Production Design (Canadian Film Fest), a Special Jury Prize (Worldfest Houston) and nominations for Best Emerging Filmmaker (Yorkton Golden Sheaf Awards), Best Short Film (Screen Nova Scotia awards) and Best Actress (ACTRA Maritime awards). The film is now available to watch for free on vimeo. Check it out and let us know what you think!


A woman’s attempt to bury her past becomes literally unearthed.


Anika and her husband have the perfect marriage. Or so it seems. But flashes from a gruesome future scene seem to hint that something is about to go terribly awry. When a secret is revealed and the marriage begins to fall apart, Anika attempts to do the most horrific thing possible to salvage her relationship. Unfortunately, some secrets won’t stay buried for very long….

Director’s Notes:

Director Leah Johnston on the set of Some Things Won't Sleep

Director Leah Johnston on the set of Some Things Won’t Sleep

In SOME THINGS WON’T SLEEP, I wanted to explore concept of denial on our inner psyche.  I tried to create a film that is psychological in nature- exploring the theme of denial through the lens of a single character- Anika.

As Anika tries to bury painful memories from her past, she becomes haunted by an unseen spirit that will eventually force her to face herself, and the truth about her life. The film doesn’t offer any real solution to this dissonance- my hope is that it will leave viewers with something to chew on, and perhaps consider in parallel with their own experiences.

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