Update to our Film Supporters

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Merry Christmas Go-go-ers!

We are still go, go, going! Sorry for the lame alliteration joke, but in all seriousness, we really are!

During our last month and a half of radio silence we have been stealthily working away, cutting our film in dark editing suites, wrangling equipment for insert shots, and meditating over musical choices til the wee hours of the morning. And we will continue this process of editing, scoring, mixing and coloring until the end of January at least!


Above: Editor, Shawn Beckwith, left, working on the film with Writer/Director, Leah Johnston (right).
Happily we can now say we have a rough cut of our film complete. By “rough cut” we mean that we have the basic outline of the movie finished, but there are still many large aspects of the film unfinished; The sound is not yet mixed. The footage is not yet color corrected. The special effects, although minimal, are not yet put in. And we will need to go into the studio with our actors in January to record the lead actors’ Voiceover and After Dialogue Recording for the scenes in which the characters are speaking off camera.

December was focused on musical scoring, with me (Leah) flying to NY to stay with my friend and composer, Chris Barnett, as he created on his computer orchestral arrangements to accompany the movie. It was a much more tedious process than either of us had initially anticipated, as the arrangements were very complicated on account of there being so many instruments, and a lot of technical difficulties along the way.


Above: Composer Chris Barnett works on scoring the final scene.
We still have work to do on the musical aspect of the film, but I’m excited with all the progress we are making. It’s incredible to see the difference a score can make. In this film particularly, where the dialogue is so sparse and most of the story is told visually, the score plays an enormous role in enhancing the mood of the film.

Moving forward, André and I are planning a trip to Toronto in late January, where most of our in-kind postproduction services are accessible. By the beginning of February we should be entering into our Final Cut of the film, and looking towards sending it off to festivals. Then the marketing and promotion will begin :)

We hope all of you had a relaxing Christmas season celebrating with your family and friends. We look forward to sending more updates in the new year as the film continues to grow.

Keep warm and we’ll see you in 2014…

-Leah & André